5 thoughts on “The Efficacy of Oral Corrective Feedback

  1. Glenda

    A “rambling” on oral corrective feedback Melissa,
    In your previous post (Sept. 16), a high school teacher mentioned the challenge of CF in the multi-level high school classroom. I’d just like to send a thank you “shout out” to all high school teachers who DO find the time and/or appropriate moment to give some explicit metalinguistic instruction. I find it makes a wonderful difference! When the terms and rules are made explicit in high school, then I find what I call a “stop prompt” enough for the student to self-correct. For example,
    S: “Last week, I SEE the assginment but I DON’T…”
    T interrupts: “Wait, last week?….you what?….)
    S: “Oh yes, I SAW the assignement but I DIDN’T write it down.”
    T: “That’s right, use simple past for last week”.

    Otherwise, with only recasting, my experience has been that the student hardly takes notice of my suggestion.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to thank my high school peers!

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