Corrective Feedback and Linguistic Ideologies

By Jihoon Kim and Melissa Enns The scholarly discussion surrounding corrective feedback (CF) has mainly focused on how to correct, when to correct, what to correct, and who should correct errors (for an overview, see Elllis, 2017). What is often missing in this discussion is the social dimension of CF. That is, when a teacher …

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Language confidence (by Melissa J. Enns)

Dear followers,
This week I had the privilige of being invited to do a guest post for the Belonging, Identity, Language, Diversity (BILD) Research Group in Montreal. I would love for you to take a look! 🙂


Belonging, Identity, Language, Diversity Research Group (BILD)

BILD is very happy to welcome Melissa J. Enns as our latest guest blogger. Melissa is a graduate student in McGill’s Master of Arts in Second Language Education program. Prior to entering the program, she taught ESL at an academic prep school in Saskatchewan. Her thesis research will center on bridging the gap between research and practice. She authors a language education blog, Ramblings of a Linguaphile. With an undergraduate degree in linguistics and Spanish, she is fascinated by all aspects of language, language acquisition, and language teaching.


In her discussion of translanguaging in Kolkata, Dr. Mela Sarkar beautifully said, “If one is prepared to be linguistically adventurous, I don’t see why there would be any limit to the number of places where one can feel local.”

Interestingly, that is something I have recently been thinking about a good deal. Upon arriving in Montreal last August, my linguistic self-perceptions…

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